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Do you feel frustrated because of incessant rejections from high street banks as a result of your credit status? Are you in need of urgent cash for whatever reason but have no Idea who to turn to? Do the content of your credit report give you sleepless nights especially when you consider getting a cash advance for whatever reason? If you identify with any of the above situations, you need not worry as Green Dragon Loans have got you covered. We exist to offer a helping hand to people who are in financial need but have a poor credit history. It doesn’t matter whether you have a history of CCJ's or if defaults are your middle name. At Green Dragon Loans, so long as you own a car in good condition, you can be rest assured of getting access to the much needed cash you want.

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Who we are

We are a premium, highly respected and reputable logbook loan providers across the UK. In fact, going by the number of people with bad credit we’ve help get logbook loans, our reputation has indeed preceded us. We don’t look at you through microscope lens when you make a loan application with us as is the case with high street banks and mainstream financial lenders. In fact, we are not even concerned how bad your credit report is. As long as you meet the basic requirements, we will be happy to advance you a logbook loan. We believe that all people should be treated equal and that the mere fact that your credit score isn’t stellar should be used as a limiting factor.

What we do

At Green Dragon Loans, we are all about providing an enabling environment through which people from all over the UK can get logbook loans in the fastest time possible without having to go through debilitating credit checks. Since inception, we have been at the forefront of helping thousands of UK residents get access to logbook loans irrespective of their credit score. Our commitment to exemplary service delivery, believe in total quality management and continuous improvement is what has elevated us to be a trusted and leading provider in the UK for many years now. We approve our loans within the shortest time possible and put a smile on the faces of our customers who would otherwise have been rejected because of the status of their credit report.

Our aim

As a leading and trusted lender, we are committed to the ultimate satisfaction of our customers. In fact, we have enlisted the services of highly trained personnel to accord our customers with professional advice and treatment. We abhor exploitation and that is why we do everything within our powers to explain to our customers the nature of our logbook loan products. We do not have any hidden charges and always ensure that our customers’ decisions are made from an informed standpoint. Ours is to ensure that thousands of people with bad credit across the UK can get the financial help they need without being treated like second class. In this regard, we continue to ascribe to high ideals of ethical conduct and provide our customers with nothing short of the best services.

Why you should choose us

If you have been rejected elsewhere on bad credit grounds, you need to come to us and we can assure you that you won’t regret your decision. We liaise with the best in the industry and always ensure that you are properly informed before making any decisions. It is the reason we have partnered with Money Advice to ensure that any decision regarding money you ultimately make is informed and to your best advantage. We have been tried and tested, have the best customer personnel and continue to offer logbook loan products that are not only affordable but also streamlined to meet your needs and expectations.

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